PPG/ECG Dual Mode Heart Rate Monitor CL808

Short Description:

The CL808 is a dual mode PPG/ECG heart rate monitor, carries high-precision optical sensors, and cooperates with the self-developed optimization algorithm to accurately monitor real-time heart rate during exercise. According to the needs of sports, you can freely switch the heart rate monitoring mode of armband and chest strap.

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Product Introduction

The CL808 heart rate monitor uses advanced PPG/ECG technology, suitable for many sports scenarios. According to the real-time monitoring of the heart rate, you can adjust your exercise status. Meanwhile it effectively reminds you whether the heart rate exceeds the heart load when you exercise, so as to avoid bodily injury. Practice has proved that using the heart rate band is very helpful to improve fitness effect and achieve fitness goals. After the training, you can get your training report with “X-FITNESS”APP or other popular training APP. High waterproof standard, no worry of sweat and enjoy the pleasure of sports. Super soft and flexible chest strap, humanized design, easy to wear.

Product Features

● PPG/ECG dual mode monitoring, accurate real-time heart rate data.

● High-precision optical sensors, and cooperates with the self-developed optimization algorithm to minimize interference from exercise, sweating, and so on.

● Bluetooth & ANT+ wireless transmission, compatible with iOS/Andoid smart devices, computers and ANT+ devices.

● IP67 Waterproof, no worry of sweat and enjoy the pleasure of sweating.

● Suitable for various indoor sports and outdoor training, manage your exercise intensity with scientific data.

● The device can store 48 hours of heart rate, 7 days of calories and step counting data without worrying about data loss.

● Intelligently recognize the movement status, and the LED indicator helps you perceive the movement effect and improve exercise efficiency.

Product Parameters



Waterproof Standard


Wireless Transmission

Ble5.0, ANT+


Real time monitoring of heart rate data

Monitoring range


Size of heart rate monitor

L35.9*W39.5*H12.5 mm

PPG base size

L51*W32.7*H9.9 mm

ECG base size

L58.4*W33.6*H12 mm

Weight of heart rate monitor


Weight of PPG/ECG

14.5g/19.2g (without tape)

Battery Type

Rechargeable lithium battery

Battery Life

60 hours continuous heart rate monitoring

Date storage

48 hours heart rate, 7 days calories and step counting data


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