Bluetooth smart skipping rope is a good way for everyone to exercise

There are many ways to keep fit. If you don't want to be bored jogging or choosing repeatedly in the gym equipment, skipping rope will be a very suitable choice! In addition, bluetooth smart jump rope is indeed a good choice for exercise.


Skipping rope can consume 1300 calories an hour. Generally, skipping rope continuously for 15 minutes is more suitable for the public. Through calculation, the calories consumed by rope skipping for 15 minutes are equivalent to the calories consumed by jogging for 30 minutes, swimming for 40 minutes, and yoga for 1 hour! If you don't have a lot of time to go to the gym, it's better to buy a skipping rope. You only need a small space to complete the daily body shaping plan.

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Speaking of rope skipping, we should all be familiar with it. This is a kind of fitness exercise we learned in physical education classes since childhood. As a jumping action that can promote physical health, it can not only exercise cardiorespiratory ability, but also a good kind of aerobic exercise. In addition to helping adults lose fat and keep shape, rope skipping is also a very interesting sport for primary and secondary school students.

For children who are growing up, skipping rope can prevent osteoporosis and enhance body immunity and vital capacity, which is very important in their growing up. Skipping rope can also resist the face of increasingly young obesity and prevent it in advance. Daily skipping rope of primary and secondary school students can enhance flexibility and coordination ability, strengthen muscles of the whole body, eliminate excess fat on hips and thighs, meet the requirements of exercise volume, and enhance flexibility and coordination ability at the same time.

Bluetooth smart skipping rope is a good way for everyone to exercise2

"If you want to attack something first, you must sharpen your weapon first". The most troublesome thing about rope skipping is to count. Sometimes you don't know how many times you jump without paying attention. But bluetooth smart skipping rope can perfectly solve this big problem. It can not only count automatically, but also calculate accurately! Through the internal sensor of the intelligent rope skipping handle, relying on magnetic induction technology and error free algorithm, data will be generated only after you complete the 360 ° complete jump. And smart jump rope has a variety of modes to choose from, such as counting, timing, examination, total and so on, can meet the needs of students daily and class.

Besides, intelligent rope skipping has a dedicated app, in which you can set a goal after inputting personal information such as height and weight. The data of rope skipping number, speed and calories can be displayed on it. If you think it's too troublesome to connect Bluetooth to use the app, you can also set the program through the smart display on the rope skipping handle, and you can get what you want to know. With intelligent rope skipping,  loss weight easily is no longer a fantasy!


Post time: May-10-2023