Bluetooth Heart Rate Armband Monitors For Swimmers

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This Bluetooth PPG heart rate monitoring armband can not only be worn on the arm to monitor exercise heart rate during daily running and other training. The most important thing is its unique design, which can be worn directly on the swimming goggle strap, close to the temple to monitor the heart rate during swimming. It is specially designed for swimmers to make the real-time heart rate transmission more accurate.

Chileaf is committed to the research and development and innovation of smart wearable devices, and the accuracy achieved by the sensors is very accurate. Support OEM and ODM customization, the factory can realize mass production, ensure quality and meet customer needs.

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Product Introduction

The underwater heart rate band XZ831 can not only be worn on the arm to monitor heart rate, its unique design can be worn directly on swimming goggles for more accurate data monitoring. Support Bluetooth and ANT+ two wireless transmission modes, compatible with a variety of fitness apps.. Multi-color LED lights display device status, long battery life and low consumption. Equipped with team training monitoring system, it can guide multiple students' sports status at the same time, timely adjust the intensity of swimming and other sports, improve sports efficiency, and timely warn sports risks.

Product Features

● Real-time heart rate data. Exercise intensity can be controlled in real time according to heart rate data, so as to achieve scientific and effective training.

● Specially Designed for Swimming Goggles: Ergonomic design ensures a comfortable and seamless fit on your temple. The most reliable and convenient way for swimming heart rate monitoring, keep Track of Your Swimming Performance.

● Vibration reminder. When the heart rate reaches the high-intensity warning area, the heart rate armband reminds user to control the training intensity through vibration.

● Bluetooth & ANT+ wireless transmission, compatible with iOS/Andoid smart devices and support various fitness apps

● IP67 waterproof, enjoy exercise without afraid of sweating.

● Multicolor LED indicator, indicate the equipment status.

● Steps and calories burned were calculated based on exercise trajectories and heart rate data


Product Parameters





Product Size

L36.6xW27.9xH15.6 mm

Monitoring Range

40 bpm-220 bpm

Battery Type

80mAh rechargeable lithium battery

Full Charging Time

1.5 hours

Battery Life

Up to 60 hours

Waterproof Siandard


Wireless Transmission



Continuous per-second heart rate data: up to 48 hours;

Steps and calories data: up to 7 days

Strap Length


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