CL900 Hub is an APP that  mainly used to configure the network for the Hub
- The APP is mainly used for internal testing and customers who purchase the company's products
-The APP is mainly released in China and other countries
1. Chileaf Coach is mainly used to configure the IP and network of the company's hub, so as to better display the device data on the server.
2. Simple operation and easy for customers
3.The APP subject is targeted at home and abroad
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introduction APP

​​​​​Learn about Chileaf X-fitness APP

      X-Fitness is an application that can be connected to our company’s Bluetooth devices such as bracelets, armbands, heart rate belts, cadences, body fat scales, boxing, etc. It can detect and analyze your heart rate, exercise, sleep and other health in real time Data, it is possible to self-adjust one's own daily routine.

F-0TA is an APP that can be used to upgrade multiple devices of our company. It is very easy to operate, simple and convenient.
  Chileaf BBQ100 is smart cooking thermometer with four metal probe measures to monitor the cooking food , it will simplify your grill.
- Four Probe design.
- Measure meat & air temperature.
- Backlight for cooking.
- Three cooking mode.
- Programmed with preset USDA approved temperature for different food and doneness level in meat profile mode.
- User can directly set desired cooking temperature in target temperature mode.
- User can directly set timer program for cooking in countdown timer mode.
- Instant temperature.
- Cooking progress.
- Sound & vibration alert.
Fitness is an application that can be connected to our company’s Bluetooth devices such as bracelets, armbands, heart rate monitors, cadence sensors, body fat scales, boxing machine, etc. It can detect and analyze your heart rate, exercise, sleep and other health data in real time, we can adjust our daily routine.
MINI TENS & EMS device
RELIEVE PAIN: Premium quality mini massager with 16 pre-programmed massage modes, possessing both TENS and EMS, efficiently alleviate pain in shoulder, back, waist, ankles, arm, leg, and wrist at anytime in anywhere.

1. 20 intensity levels and a 20-minute default timer, which can be adjusted from 10 minutes to 60 minutes, provide a more flexible way to relieve pain; 

2. The output frequency is 1-120 HZ, and the output pulse width is 100-250 microseconds.
3. 8 program modes, ABS case material, 40V 20% output voltage, 1 channel number.
4. Bidirectional wave waveform, LED display mode, weight about 20g.
1. CDN260APP is mainly used to modify the company's device name and view the corresponding serial number
2. Simple operation and easy for customers
3.The APP subject is targeted at home and abroad
1. Chileaf SKIP is mainly used to record the jumping rope movement data of the user and the movement state in different modes
2. Simple operation and easy for customers
3.The APP subject is targeted at home and abroad
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