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Team Training Data Collection System

what is this?

  • USB330 is a data collector, the main function is to receive signals from devices through Bluetooth or ant+.
  •  It can collect "Heart rate equipment data, bicycle cadence / speed data, rope skipping data", and all these can be collected within a distance of 100m.

It can be used in stadiums, gyms, and many other scenarios, it can receive 40 devices at the same time.

  • The product is small and portable, no battery, plug and play, which is very suitable for no matter indoor or outdoor activities.

Product application

    • USB330 can be work with our EAP Manager system.
          • With the system, it can collect 60 people’s data at the same time. This is very ​useful for team management and team data monitoring.
    • For example, according to the data provided by the system, a coach can give students more reasonable fitness suggestions in time.-In the school sports competition, sometimes students who are too nervous and exercise fierce, the teacher can take some preventive measures according to the data ,to protect students' health.
    • There are many sites that need to monitor the group's health data, which is the reason why we need the USB330 and EAP Manager system.

Process of Data Collection

  • ​​Up to 60 members' movement data can be collected via Bluetooth or ANT+. Stable reception distance up to 35 meters, data transfer to smart devices via USB port.
  • The product receives various motion data via Bluetooth & ANT+, Transfer to terminal through USB interface.