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Smart heart rate armband CL837
    Publish time 2021-12-20 18:44    

Product introduction

It is a multi-functional heart rate armband for measuring heart rate, blood oxygen, step count and collecting all kinds of movement data. It has a high-precision optical sensor and superior scientific heart rate algorithm. Blood oxygen is very important for our body, too low blood oxygen will greatly reduce the efficiency of exercise, heart rate band can accurately measure your blood oxygen saturation, help you understand the ability of the body to absorb oxygen. You can check the data during the exercise at any time on your mobile phone. After the exercise, the data can be stored in the intelligent terminal system for viewing through your mobile phone.

Product features

  • Bluetooth 5.0, ANT+ wireless transmission, compatible with ios/Android, computers and ANT+ device.

  • Friendly APP Training Management Monitor all fitness data you need.Including heart rate, blood oxygen, and body temperature.APP stores all training records and the complete training intensity value analysis chart

  • Integrated oximeter indicates how much oxygen your red blood cells are carrying. High blood oxygenation plays an essential role in ensuring that your muscles, brain, and other organs receive the energy they need to function properly.

  • Heart Rate Monitor SystemHeart Rate Monitoring System makes exercise more Scientific and Efficient

Product parameters




Detect real-time heart rate, body temperature.Oximeter and pedometer.

Device dimension


Monitoring Range


Battery Type

Becharge Li-ion Batter

Waterproof Siandard


Wireless Transmission


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