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Group fitness receiver Hub CL900
    Publish time 2021-11-26 14:13    

Product introduction

Intelligent sports fitness system is an intelligent sports system based on Internet, intelligent communication device, intelligent wearable device, intelligent data collector, Bluetooth communication, WiFi service and cloud server. By using this gym intelligent sports system, people can Outdoor sports monitoring is carried out through modern science and technology intelligent wearable devices, and the monitored sports data is transmitted to the cloud server for caching or permanent storage through the Internet. Through mobile phone applications, pad applications, TV set-top box programs, etc., accurate Detailed motion data cloud storage and client visual display.

Product features

  • Collect data via Bluetooth or ANT + and receive movement data for up to 60 members

  • Wired-Wireless Connection NetworkSupport wired network connection, wired connection to make the network more stable 

  • Intranet mode: collecting and uploading data directly to intelligent terminal devices, viewing and managing data directly, which is more suitable for temporary or non-extranet sites. 

  • External network mode: collecting data and uploading it to external network server, which has a wider scope of application. It can view and manage data on intelligent terminal devices in different locations. Motion data can be saved on the server. 

  • It can be used in different scenarios, rechargeable lithium batteries, and the built-in batteries can be used sustainably without power supply.

Product parameters




Receiving ANT+and BLE motion data


Bluetooth, ANT+, WiFi

Battery Capacity


Battery Lift

Work Continuously For 6 hours

Product Size


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