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Smart BBQ Thermometer BBQ100
    Publish time 2020-11-09 15:36    

Product introduction

BBQ smart BBQ thermometer accurately measures the temperature, opening a new era of digital barbecue, it is your excellent new kitchen butler. Temperature can be set according to your personal preference to help you monitor food. Smart thermometers can also set USDA-approved temperatures and sweetness levels for different foods. Temperature data will be pushed to you in real time to let you know when your food is ready. You can check the cooking progress at any time within 100 meters, and set your favorite temperature range and time. BBQ will remind you in time when it is finished. The four-probe design allows you to monitor four different foods at the same time, making cooking more diverse.

Product features

  • Four Probe design

  • Three cooking mode

  • Programmed with preset USDA approved temperature for different food and doneness level in meat profile mode

  • You can directly set desired cooking temperature in target temperature mode

  • You can directly set timer program for cookina in countdown timer mode

  • Instant temperature

  • Cooking progress

  • Sound & vibration alert

  • Can be used for barbecues, ovens, cigarettes, candies, meat, food and a variety of cooking methods.

  • There are 4 temperature needles in the product, which can be applied to different 4 kinds of foods at the same, time, which makes the cooking foods diversified. 

Product parameters




Measuring Food Temperature

Device Dimension


Measuring Temperature range

14-5729F (-10-300°C) 

Temperature measurement Time



3*AAA 1.5v Battery

Device Weight


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