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Smart skipping Rope --JR201
    Publish time 2020-11-09 15:33    

Product introduction

Bluetooth Smart Jump Rope records your exercise data and automatically synchronizes it to your smartphone: number of jumps, calories burned, duration and goal achievement. The magnetic sensor in the handle ensures an accurate jump count.

Product features

  • Concave convex handle design, comfortable grip, not easy to take off when skipping, ano prevent sweat from slipping off.Bluetooth smart chip technology, Real-time transmission of motion data.

  • Solid Metal "Core"The rope is made by PU and stainless steel wire, which makes it more durable and durable. It doesn't twine or knot when it's in motion.

  • 360 Rotating Bearing360 • external bearing design, effectively prevent rope winding and avoid rope mixing trouble

  • Cordless Ball DesignStandard accessories come with cordless balls that rotate, count, and record heat consumption by swinging gravity

  • APP stores all training records and the complete training intensity value analysis chartCompatible with a variety of devicesi0S devices, Android 4.3 and above

Product parameters




Smart Bluetooth Rope Skipping


Counterweight rope * 2, Long rope * 1;

Length ofLong Rope


Battery type


Battery life

Up to 12 months

Wireless transmission


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