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Smart Bracelet CL880
    Publish time 2021-11-09 14:59    

Product introduction

Bracelet series products look light fashion, full color large screen, your life from the photo, sweet honey ji read, raised wrist can be seen. Display of dial function data; Support self - defined set. Card road, heart rate, electricity.. you close the heart, one for you to show

Product features

  • Optics Sensor Heart Rate Monitor 

  • Built in RFID NFC Chip

  • IP67 Water Resistant Design

  • Intelligent terminal message notification

  • Scientific Sleep Monitoring

  • Calculation Of Sports Data Of Various Specialties

  • Steps Count

  • Cl880 has a wealth of sports modes for you to choose from. Running, walking, riding and other interesting sports can help you accurately follow the test, even swimming 

  • C1880 adopts the latest generation of sleep monitoring algorithm,It can accurately record sleep duration and identify sleep state,And targeted to provide 200 + improvement suggestions and personalized sleep services,Help you have a good night's sleep and a better day 

  • Support code scanning payment, control music playing, remote control photo takingFind mobile phonesand other functions to reduce the burden of life and add energy

Product parameters




Optics Sensor, Heart Rate Monitoring, Steps Count, Calories Count, Sleep Monitoring, Remote PhotoTaking, Remote Music Control





Battery Life Cycle

300 charge cycles

Data transmission

Bluetooth 5.0, ANT+

Display Type

Full Color TFT LCD

Water Proof


Battery Type

Rechargeable Lithium battery

Button Type

Touch sensitive button

Phone call reminder

Phone call vibrational reminder

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