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How to break through the plateau of fitness? Notice five ways

Five things to watch out for when navigating a plateau:
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Five things to watch out for when navigating a plateau:

One, fitness action standard

Standard movement is one of the basic elements to achieve fitness effect. Non-standard movement will not stimulate the target muscle deeply even if it consumes much physical strength, and may cause sports injury. Therefore, in the fitness platform period, we should pay more attention to whether our fitness movements are standard and whether we can prepare to practice the corresponding parts.

Two, increase the difficulty of action

Increasing the difficulty of movement is one of the more direct ways to pass the fitness plateau, long-term use of fixed training movements will make the body adaptive. You need to increase the difficulty gradually and systematically to stimulate the body, and the increase in difficulty varies depending on the body. With basic movements, basic movements can mobilize more muscle groups to participate in sports, increase weight bearing or increase the difficulty of action.

Three, change the speed of action

Varying the speed of movement is also a powerful way to stimulate the body. The general normal speed of action is fast contraction, slow recovery. Movement speed and movement distance length are concerned, contraction is like supine lie push, active muscle overcomes resistance (weight) do "contraction" when relative want some faster (1 ~ 2 seconds), the purpose is to be helpful for hair force, conduce to muscle contraction. The active muscle overcomes the resistance and the reduction is done relatively slowly (2-3 seconds). The exercise distance is relatively long, such as squatting, squatting 2 ~ 3 seconds, squatting 3 ~ 6 seconds (or longer), the purpose is to control the resistance to slow reduction, maintain continuous tension, increase the difficulty and intensity of the action, so that the stimulation is strengthened.

Four, reasonable nutrition supplement

Nutrition after exercise is the best time to replenish energy, repair damaged muscle fibers and gain muscle growth. Muscle nutrient requirements peak 30 minutes after training, when the ratio of carbohydrates to protein is 2:1. Together, these two supplements help deliver amino acids to the muscles, promoting recovery and muscle growth. Slow burning complex carbohydrates such as bread, bananas, potatoes, rice should be added 1-2 hours before bedtime. Even if it is to lose fat, do not add proper protein and vitamin!

Five, ensure rest

In order for the body to recover, the body to lose fat or increase muscle, there must be enough rest. All physical activity conducive to physical and mental health is rest (including sleep). In addition, after 1-2 months of training, you should rest for 1 week to relax your body and mind so that you can devote more energy to new training. The three elements of fitness -- scientific exercise, proper diet and adequate rest are mutually reinforcing. Only by mastering these "three elements" can one achieve success.