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How do you start exercising

The first prescription for an ultramodern alien to deal with the health problems associated with prolonged sedentary life is moderate exercise. So how do you do that?
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1. Go to a regular gym.

Choose a professional, experienced coach. Before starting a planned exercise, take a physical and fitness test. Ask the coach to customize the training plan according to the individual situation. According to the relevant requirements of the gym and according to the advice of the coach, regular fitness is a direct way to prevent sports injuries.

2. Make a complete, regular plan.

Take fat reduction as an example: generally speaking, the first week should be arranged 2 times of strength equipment training, the purpose is to improve the oxygen combination ability of fat; Arrange the cardiopulmonary function exercise with greater intensity 2 times every week next, the purpose is to increase healthy index. More than 30 minutes of exercise, heart rate control in about 70%- 80% of the larger heart rate, can consume more fat. The maximum heart rate is calculated by subtracting your age from 220. For example, the greater heart rate of a 20 year old person is 220-20=200, every minute heartbeat when he moves, should be in 200*70%=140 or 200*80%=160 or so, can consume more adipose.

Of course, simple cardio exercises like a body class two times a week can make your workout more fun. After that, you are advised to do half an hour of exercise, just walking or cycling.

3, About the diet before and after exercise, according to the individual situation.

Generally speaking, after eating, the body should take out a part of the time to organize digestion, not immediately exercise, at least in half an hour to start again. After fitness, the body is eager to replenish energy within 20 minutes, which is also a good time for absorption. If you are an athlete, eating within 20 minutes after fitness will restore excess; But if you want to lose fat, make sure you don't eat until 30 minutes after your workout.