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QA engineer

3 years relevant working experience, familiar with assembly process and inspection standard of consumer electronic products, similar product experience is preferred
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Job Responsibilities:

1. Quality planning and implementation of new product projects, and follow-up and treatment of quality problems in various stages before batch production;

2. Participate in design initiation and process development, identify and prevent key features and process features in advance;

New product inspection & measurement standard formulation;

3. Customer release: lead the completion of new product APQP documents at all stages, PPAP report submission, and customer release;

4. Quality problem handling: major quality abnormal investigation, analysis and improvement, customer complaint handling (0km& Field);

5. Establish and optimize the process of dealing with related quality problems.

6. Other tasks assigned by superior leaders.



1. Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical or electronic related, fluent in oral English;

2. At least 3 years project quality working experience in automotive industry, working experience in Tire1 joint venture is preferred;

3. Experience in quality planning and complaint handling of large foreign OEM customers;

Familiar with IATF16949 and five tools; Proficient in 8D and other problem solving tools;

5. Good communication and coordination skills, strong team work spirit.