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Sales Manager

Bachelor degree or above in Marketing, English, etc. Excellent English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, able to write business letters quickly and skillfully, good oral English
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Job Responsibilities:

1. Use the network platform to expand international business, develop new customers and maintain old customers.

2. Responsible for following up customer inquiries, converting customer orders and maintaining customers, and creating personal sales performance;

3. Standardized operation of foreign trade system and complete input of customer information as required by the company;

4. Responsible for tracking orders, sending samples and collecting payment until orders are completed;

5. Responsible for market product research, successful experience sharing and sample display environment management;

6. Responsible for the quality control of orders and assisting the team to conduct quality control goods inspection;

Job Requirements:

1. College degree or above in Marketing, English, etc.

2. strong interest in foreign trade business, sales experience is preferred, can accept fresh graduates;

3. Cet-4 ~ CET-6 or above, good command of written and spoken English;

4. Meticulous, serious, responsible, proactive and good team work spirit;

5. Strong ability to work under pressure, can actively accept challenges, take the lead;

6. Good image and temperament, male and female, can accept business trips at home and abroad.


1. Basic salary + commission