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Senior Product Firmware Engineer

Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics or communication, at least 3 years embedded software development experience;
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Job Responsibilities:

1. Independently completed software module design, code writing, unit testing and problem tracking of communication products;

2. Understand and maintain existing software modules;

3. Participate in the development of electronic products; Complete the joint debugging of software and hardware to ensure the realization of product functions and the reliable operation of software;

4. Familiar with PCB board of electronic products;

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer, automation or related;

2. Proficient in C language, familiar with Keil or IAR development environment and debugging functions, with more than 3 years embedded development experience;

3. Proficient in using freertos and other microoperating systems and compilation environment.

4. Familiar with SCM /Cortex-M, digital/analog circuit.

5. Proficient in RS232, I2C,SPI, UART and other communication protocols.

6. Skilled in using Git or SVN