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Senior mechanical Engineer

At least 3 years experience in consumer electronic product development. Bachelor degree or above in mechanical engineering. Optimistic, cheerful and active in work.
Salary: base salary + performance, detailed interview.
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Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for product structure design, mechanical component design, material selection and design document making;

2. Responsible for product original requirement analysis and definition of product performance and structure,cost evaluation;

3. Responsible for product prototype trial production test and product optimization and modification design;

4. Responsible for the formulation, review and release of process documents for mass production;

6. Responsible for handling and solving problems in mass production;

7. Assist quality and marketing departments to solve customer technical problems, and assist sales department to provide customer service.

Job Requirements:

1. At least 3 years working experience

2.College degree or above, major in mechanical design.

3.Familiar with plastic mold and sheet metal parts design technology process forming principle and material characteristics.

4. Experience in structural design of electronic products, ability to independently complete complex structural design, familiar with mainstream material properties, forming process and surface treatment methods.

5. Have a strong understanding of appearance design, can skillfully use PROE CAD solidwork and other design software, and have strong surface modeling ability.

6. Familiar with product design process, able to control the details in the design and production process. 

7. Optimistic, good communication skills, team work skills and practical ability.


1. Base salary + performance