How to clean the heart rate monitor?

Heart rate sensor: after using, remove the transmitter from the chest strap and dry it with a damp towel. A neutral soap solution can also be used to clean the transmitter as required. Do not use alcohol or any rough material (such as steel velvet or chemical cleaning agent)

Chest elastic belt: please wash with tap water after using, and then hang to dry. As required, gently clean the elastic belt with a neutral soap solution. Do not use detergent, soak, iron, dry cleaning or bleach. Do not violently stretch the chest belt or bend the electrode pads.

Daily storage: please store the heart rate monitor and the chest belt separately in a dry place to prolong the life of the heart rate sensor as much as possible. Do not store the wet heart rate sensor in an airtight material such as a sports bag to prevent rapid oxidation and do not expose the heart rate monitor to direct sunlight for a long time.


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